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   Three women on a Caribbean vacation become persons 
 of interest to a deadly shadow of spies!


A self-discovery mission!

Gloria Taylor-Edwards
Voices from the Drum Radio Book Club

 A mixture of spiritual intrigue, political intrigue, and romance. . . .This is a self-discovery mission. . . a rediscovery mission.  There is a lot to wrap your head around. . . .I was hooked

Up at Night

Queen Charlotte
I began reading the book last night and read late into the night.  I like it a lot! Update: Over the weekend I finished reading. The characters wore me out! They are so multi-dimensional!  I found their spiritual search refreshing. I wasn’t ready for the story to end. As a matter of fact, I yelled, “Don’t do this to me!” However, I do understand why the author ended the story this way.  Ok, so when will he begin writing Part 2????? I’m ready for the ex-cop and the covert operative to team up!!

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Total Involvement

Sam Vollmann

This is a spy thriller and a romance novel, but it is also a story about the dangers we all face in the new century. We are all menaced by the historical, psychological, and spiritual forces who need spies to practice their deadly craft.  Most of us are searching for love, but all of us are searching for redemption; and so we live through these well-drawn characters in this cleverly plot story. We turn pages rapidly to learn their fate because we are concerned about our own. George Davis is not just a good writer, but an excellent one.

It was fantastic!

Alexander Levine

I gave my mother, an 83-year old Jewish woman, a copy of The Melting Points. She just called to say she finished the book and she said it was fantastic!

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