Three women on a Caribbean vacation become persons 
 of interest to a deadly shadow of spies!


The Story
Three women on a Caribbean vacation
 looking for a little fun and
a little romance!

What happens when a tough ex-Marine colonel turned CIA agent is sent to the island to keep tabs on the women? His backup is a female covert operative with a green light to do “whatever it takes” to see that a data disc with secrets vital to national security does not fall into the wrong hands.

Spies from several nations suspect that the women have the disc. The women are unaware of the disc’s existence. While shadowing them, the covert, with a killer past, begins feeling a stronger spiritual connection to the women than her real-world connection to her CIA mission.

A steamy attraction flares between a handsome stranger and one of the women, and she disappears.  Intrigue and danger take a tighter hold as the action moves stateside, The two remaining women struggle to discover what happened to their friend, and who is shadowing them, and why? .

The Melting Points is written in the same style of holistic realism as the author’s award-winning Vietnam War novel, Coming Home, upon which the Jane Fonda Academy Award-winning film of the same name was loosely based.
In The Melting Points a sense of danger and spiritual confusion gets in your mind and toys with it until the explosive ending.


This is the first big multicultural novel I’ve read. In it whites and blacks, males and females are dramatized as actively in search on planet earth for the human spirits’ path to redemption. The conflict in the novel arises  from the very different ways that the path can look.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    --Marcus Scott

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