Three women on a Caribbean vacation become persons 
 of interest to a deadly shadow of spies!


The Storyteller

George Davis is professor emeritus at the Newark campus of Rutgers University. He was an Air Force officer and flew 47 refueling/reconnaissance  missions in Vietnam. He has been a writer and editor at the Washington Post, New York Times, Essence, and Black Enterprise.

His first novel, Coming Home (Random House), supplied the story upon which the Academy Award-winning Vietnam War film starring Jane Fonda was loosely based. The edition of Essence magazine for which an excerpt of Love, Black Love (Doubleday) for which an excerpt of Love, Black Love (Doubleday) was a cover story got more letters to the editor than any edition in the magazine’s first 20 years.

His  bestseller, Black  Life  in  Corporate  America (Doubleday), co-authored with Glegg Watson, told of the entry of black men and women into the American corporate mainstream. The book took Davis on a national speaking tour covering 100s of major corporations, campuses, and community organization.

Davis’ upcoming book, Branches: From “We Shall Overcome” to “Yes We Can”, will have greater impact, especially since steps are underway to create a TV series based on this nonfiction novel. The story in Branches begins where the spiritual journey in Alex Haley’s “Roots” leaves off. It is a compelling narrative of how the spirits of white and black America moved toward oneness over the last half century.
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